Some croupiers hate working in casinos, however some of them love it to death. Personal opinions on casino croupier job are various. In general, they depend on a number of factors such as financial evaluation, teamwork, working conditions and clientele. Let’s see what the croupiers from different parts of the world have said about their work. Tell us something that nobody knows about this gambling industry?

Trung Hieu Nguyen (Lithuania) Casino: Olympic Casino

“This job is not as simple as it looks. Not everyone can handle the stress and pressure coming from customers. You also need to get to know each customer personally, their habits and how to handle them. The job is actually a few different jobs in one.”

Stuart McCallum (UK) Casino: Les Ambassadeurs (Mayfair)

“Being a croupier is not all about dealing games and having fun. We have to be very good listeners, show sympathy and empathy towards our customers as well.”

Angel Saverio (Switzerland) Casino: Casino St. Moritz

“It is a lifestyle choice if you decide to stay in the casino business. You are working with gamblers every day.”