I already had pleasure to interview the one of the best superstars in poker world including professional poker players like Nick Petrangelo, WSOP 2016 November niner Kenny Hallaert, chatty british fella William Kassouf or irish commenting legend Fintan Gavin. However, it will be always all about the dealers on Allin1 blog. Let´s check out another interesting interview with former poker freelancer and passionate poker player, who has followed his heart and dreams!

Hi, Would you mind telling us briefly something about yourself please?

My name is Darius Tamulevicius, I am from Lithuania and I was born in very beautiful city Druskininkai. I started to work in Olympic casino in 2003 and moved to England  in 2005. I moved to Ireland in 2007 and that´s where all the fun begins. I worked in Colossus casino in Dublin and started as freelance dealer from there. I traveled a lot around Europe.

I remember, where we used to be a work colleagues and dealt poker tournaments all over the Europe. How do you remember being a freelance poker dealer?

I remember it as the best time of my dealer career. If there is such a thing, actually. I have been working in the casinos for a long time. Poker was always my big passion. So, when i started working as a freelance dealer, that was like dream come true for me. This kind of job gives you an opportunity to travel around the world. I used to spend more time in hotels than i did at home.

We always had great team. We were like a big poker family. And not only dealers,  but players as well. Most of the time you see same players going to same events, so you get to know them. There are really nice players out there, who would always look after dealers.

Can you tell me What was the main reason for you to quit this job and start doing something else?

I worked long enough for the one person. My position used to be either dealer or floor staff. I used to deal at some events and I had different positions at another festivals. Suddenly, I got invited to tournaments, where I always used to be floorman to work as a dealer. I didn´t get explanation why and I knew, I didn’t do anything wrong to be demoted. I worked really hard to get to higher level, so I simply couldn’t take step back. One of my friends was working in small poker room called Joca in Amstetten, Austria. He told me about this crazy game they have and I thought I really have to go to check it out! He didn’t lie. It was the biggest 1/1 NLH game I have never seen in my life. It  was played more like 5/10 game. So I started grinding there and built my bankroll.