Great interview with our american colleague and World Series of Poker dealer of the year 2014 – Andy Tillman. Andy is known in the poker community for his legendary dealing of the World Series of Poker final tables.

He really has been working very hard and made his poker career successful. Now, he is part of the most prestigious poker events in the world such as EPT, WSOP Europe or WSOP in Las Vegas. Read more about poker experience from a professional freelance poker dealer for whom work is a lifestyle and passion.

Hi Andy, let me briefly introduce you to my readers at first. Would you mind telling us something about yourself please?

I am originally from a farm near the small town of Bayard, Nebraska. Now I am married and living in Sweden with my wife Marie who happens to also be a poker person. I have been working in poker for 14 years. I have been traveling and working major poker events since 2008 and have had every job from chip runner to tournament director. I started out in casinos and in poker in a small gambling town in South Dakota called Deadwood. It was a very small town of around 1500 people and most of them worked in casinos in the town. So it has been a very long road to get to this point.

How did you get to poker dealer world? How was it for you at the beggining? Do you still remember it?

Basically, I was hired as a poker dealer after going to the casino and playing pretty much every weekend and a few times during the week during university. They had a few openings for dealers and asked me if I wanted the job. That was the start of my dealing career. At the beginning it was tough for me since I had never had a job let alone even considered what it would take to learn how to deal, but luckily for me it was just as poker began to boom and became huge in the USA. So in no time at all it was busy and I was learning extreamely fast.